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ROK Electrical strongly believe in the benefits of implementing a successful Apprenticeship scheme within the Company, building a skilled electrical workforce for the future and currently employ and support a number of Apprentices within the team.

ROK Electrical are best placed to offer an apprentice the Commercial Site exposure they need in order to complete the full Level 3 Electrotechnical qualification.

As we manage our Apprenticeship course inhouse our HR Department has established links with many local colleges that we currently work with.

As part of the recruitment process, we ensure you are placed with the nearest college geographically to your home if appropriate and continually review the colleges to ensure you are gaining the correct education whilst completing the course.

You can be reassured to know that our HR department work both closely with all of our apprentices, colleges and site supervisors ensuring by due diligence that there are no ‘hiccups’ along the way and that course is passed.

ROK Electrical grant apprenticeships to a diverse and wide-ranging group of individuals.

We currently hire apprentices who have chosen to apply following their GCSE’s or A’Levels, some have degrees and have trained in other careers, others may have site experience but may have never qualified in a trade previously.

An apprenticeship can happen for the right candidate at any given time if they prove to demonstrate the desired attributes that the Company looks for in an Electrical Apprentice. Could this be you?

Please refer to our literature provided on this page explaining the apprenticeship pathway including expectations for applicants and the benefits of working for ROK Electrical as an apprentice.

Complete apprenticeship application form here
  • Full sign up/ support with agreed college to attend day release from site 1 day per week to complete the Level 3 Electrotechnical Installation Qualification. Attendance hours paid for.
  • Full supervisory support provided onsite.
  • Pay package above the national minimum wage. with travel allowance and 20 days paid holiday.
  • HR Support with interim 6 monthly appraisals.
  • ECS Card and other work-related courses provided.
  • Opportunity to take part in Team building days and social events
  • Provision of an apprentice toolkit – all power tools supplied onsite.
  • Uniform and PPE Provided.
  • Qualifications needed to apply to college course; Grade C (Level 4 or above) in Maths, English & Science
  • Appropriate site health and safety certification (CSCS ). Initially a pass certificate for the CSCS is needed to secure a formal interview. Please refer to our CSCS advice section for further detail or contact us directly for further advice @
  • Must be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic, be driven with a proactive attitude with excellent time keeping. Previous work experience in any sector needed.
  • Willingness to travel to site locations independently a driving licence is desirable (not necessary initially) due to some site locations being inaccessible to public transport.
  • Proven research and understanding of college course content.
  • Proven research of the commercial electrical industry.

Step 1 – Complete the Apprentice Application Form using link provided and attach CV and any other relevant information, including proof of CSCS Operative Test Pass (IMPORTANT: Validity of pass cert will last 2 years from test date – Do Not Apply For A Card At This Stage) (Jan/Feb)

Step 2 – A ROK Apprenticeship representative shall contact you by telephone to conduct an Informal Telephone Interview.(Feb/Mar)

Step 3 – Book CSCS Operative Test online (if not already taken) (Feb)

Step 4 – Ring Apprenticeship contact once test has been booked to arrange formal interview either in person or on zoom depending on COVID restrictions

Step 5 – Ring Apprenticeship contact to inform them of test results in order to confirm interview

Step 6 – Attend Formal Interview (Feb/Mar)

Step 7 – Upon successful Interview you will be informed of a Work Trial Placement date (2 week onsite trial) (April/ May)

Step 8 – Once the Work Trial date has been confirmed you will be asked to apply for the CSCS Red Temporary workers card (April/May) (IMPORTANT: Do Not Apply For Card Until A Work Placement Has Been Confirmed as the card is only valid for 6 months)

Step 9 – Appropriate PPE shall be issued and Work Trial Placement will take place (April/ May)

Step 10 – Upon successful Work Trial Placement an Offer Letter and Contract of Employment shall be issued confirming full time employment and start date (April/May)

Step 11 – Induction for work shall be booked to take place prior to start date on site via telephone, uniform issued by post (May/June)

Step 12 – Commence work onsite and attend site induction (May/June)

Step 13 – Apprenticeship Enrolment at agreed college (Aug/ Sept)

Step 14 – Company to book ECS Test (Aug/Sept)

Step 15 – Upon Receipt of Enrolment Paperwork and a successful pass of ECS Test, the Company will apply and pay for the ECS Apprenticeship Card which is valid for 4 years work placement onsite (Aug/Sept)

Step 16 – First Employee Appraisal takes place (Oct/Nov)

To Book A CSCS Operative Test:

    • Please search, pay and book online the CSCS Operative Test – 50 multiple choice question test (Online apps available for revision) Cost – Approx £40
    • Attend chosen test centre – Remember to take valid ID Documents and keep hold of Pass certificate (if passed)

IMPORTANT: Do not apply for the Temporary Red Card until a work trial placement has been confirmed.

To Book A CSCS Temporary Red Card (Once Work Trial Placement has been confirmed with potential employer):

  • Call to apply for CSCS card with the CSCS:
    • 0344 994 4777 (Open 8am-6pm)
    • Press 1 to agree
    • Press 2 to request a 6-month provisional CSCS card from a CSCS advisor explaining you have a confirmed work trial placement booked onsite

(Payable by phone £30)